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thomas wargin

Medium: Sculpture

Booth #: GN44

My sculpture is an interpretation of who we are and how we cope with the realities of life. There is a commonality among the way we live and the voyage many times is not easy. Within my sculptures you will see the journey we take and some of the obstacles we endure.

The visuals of my sculpture consist of imagery that is recognizable and juxtaposed to convey a story that the viewer may see themselves in. Windows represent searching for something, doors represent choices, key slots make you curious and keys give you the opportunities. I sometimes use wheels and carts to give you a sense of motion or a period of time. I usually collaborate with the conscious and sub-conscious to find the meaning of who we are. I also observe society and the relations we have with each other.

The technique I use to create my work is a blend of old and new practices. I begin with sketches and then evolve into clay or carved 3-dimensional forms. These forms are converted into metal components in my foundry and then preassembled into a new composition through welding and fabrication. When the sculpture is finally composed it is prepped for the coloring process. The patina is the final procedure in the creation. This process allows my work to be spontaneous. It also assures each piece to be an original.
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