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matthew naftzger

Medium: Metalworks

Booth #: LN36

Obscure purpose, lost history. Finding an ancient machine part on a deserted beach is my kind of spiritual moment. I picture my creations similarly being found by an yet-unknown culture in an uncertain future. Artifacts found and re-purposed; objects having their own evolution, including dead-ends, mistakes and miscalculations. The pieces may be functional in a Rube Goldberg-esque fashion … or purely dys-functional. A bit of fiction within the function, and function within the fiction.

Born in 1972 in Ohio, Matthew grew up primarily in the plains of Colorado. After studying engineering and fine art at Colorado State University for a year and a half, he left to pursue art whole-heartedly, becoming primarily self-taught. 2001 was the year he went full time on this rollercoaster.

His work has moved away from traditional materials and aesthetics, becoming more worn and industrial. Titanium is the predominant material, involving machining and TIG welding alongside traditional metalsmithing methods. Precious metals and stones, occasional found objects, and other alternate materials complete the work. Primitive mechanics and a sense of lost history drive the functionality and aesthetics.

Matthew relocated to the Northside of Pittsburgh in 2013, after many other country-wide moves. Luckily, his wife the artist Brianna Martray came with him.

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