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c. smathers

Medium: Mixed Media

Booth #: GS17C

I have been a professional fiber artist for over 40 years. After receiving my BFA in Fiber from the Memphis Academy of Arts, I wove tapestries and rugs, mostly commissioned works for offices and individuals. With a new millennium, and a new home across the country, I started playing with baskets and working 3-D in naturals instead of flat 2-D with lots of color. I have always loved nature and the beauty it provides. Working with pine needles has been an adventure for me. The experimenting and learning process keep the work fresh and exciting. Each step leads to another and evolves into new directions. I started with pine needles and then decided I was old enough to learn wood turning, having always wanted to learn, but girls weren’t allowed. Little did I know that turning would become such an integral part of my artistic creations or how exciting it would be. Now years later, I still enjoy the experimenting with shapes and have yet to expand more with color, but more is yet to come!

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