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loretta petraitis

Medium: Painting

Booth #: GN11

I was born in Lithuania on August 16, 1964. Since my childhood I had a dream to become a professional artist. My best time spending was drawing, painting, creating entire interior designs and textile patterns. I decorated my room walls and imagined most spectacular projects in my mind.

My passion drove me to the art school, where I studied interior and graphic design for 2 years. In 1988 I entered Vilnius Academy of Arts and received MFA 1994. While studying, I worked at textile factory as pattern printing designer and after graduation I was invited to take Senior Designer position at one of largest textile factory Kauno Audiniai.

After emigration to the US in 1996, I became entirely focused on my passion for painting, as my most influence, instant creative space. Although, being an professional artist, I never ceased to be a student, learning new techniques, finding new ways to transform my ideas into the body of artwork.

My latest teachers are Light and Color. I constantly study how the sun interacts with different surfaces, such as the rusty metal, deteriorating concrete, water and urban industrial landscapes.

When creating the picture, I strive to communicate a sense of realism and simplicity in which the space speaks through the painting. My purpose of these compositions is to convey the emotional memories, smells, sounds and plain feelings of the moment.

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