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frank strunk iii

Medium: Metalworks

Booth #: GN3

Frank Strunk III grew up in the suburbs of Washington, DC. Raised by Appalachian parents, he was strongly influenced by Baptist philosophy, physical work and love of music. As an introverted child, he worked in his father’s printing business, first sweeping up and eventually running off-set presses. He was mesmerized by the sound, look and movement of printing presses: the gears, the grease and the sheer magic of machinery. Frank always found himself working with his hands, and he moved into carpentry to satisfy his need to build. Often after days on a building site, he would work through the night creating sculptural and functional lamps and tables.

Frank’s art education came from manual labor. He loves old hand tools and is interested in the stories they have to tell. Frank works with materials ranging from wood to rusted metal and salvaged machine parts. He has a passion for movement, and his kinetic pieces show the inner workings of fabricated gears and linkages.

Frank’s body of work explores the themes evoked in the work of noted philosophers and thinkers: Eckerd Tolle, Eric Hoffer, Joseph Campbell and Sam Keen. Frank uses his blue collar work ethic to create thoughtful pieces that are meticulously designed, painstakingly created and wholly authentic. He strives to create a space where the viewer can explore their own belief structures around masculinity, work, love and the soul.
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