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armando pedroso

Medium: Mixed Media

Booth #: LS27

Pedroso’s artistic career had unconventional beginnings, after September 11, 2001 he was laid off from his corporate sales job of 18 years. It was at that time he "thought" he heard a voice within himself literally that told him to paint. Strange as the voice was, as he had never painted before, listened and gave over all his future corporate energies to make a bold move and pursue his new dream of being a self taught artist.

Pedroso says “if you don't believe in the voice of God or being connected to your inner spirit ... we need to talk.” He has seen firsthand countless doors of opportunity fly wide open for him, what laid beyond those doors was this new person, this artist inside he never ever knew existed ... all because he took the chance of listening to that small persistent voice inside himself.

Pedroso deconstructs and reconstructs layers of roofing tar, plaster, found objects, metals, symbol’s, rich acrylic colors to create inspirational and emotionally driven paintings. Sometimes playful, gritty or with an urban feel, Pedroso’ paintings capture the essence of what an individual's dream might look like if inspired to take that leap of faith.

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