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katherine goulandris & michael burris

Medium: Jewelry

Booth #: LN23

Our studio is a hand built solar powered adobe located near the historic village of Abiquiu, New Mexico. The juniper and chamisa studded hills, and the Chama river valley below, once inspired artist Georgia O’ Keeffe. The landscape is an important backdrop in our creative life.

We experience the expression of art as an attempt to more deeply understand the world around us. By looking more closely into what we see we hope to reveal the patterns in nature. Just as buffalo grass, cactus and juniper work together to form a harmony in their landscape we use metal, fire and stone in a effort to evoke a similar harmony.

The process of jewelry making is for us purely collaborative. There is something special that happens when we work together which sharpens the relationship to our art. We do all of our own silver/gold work using traditional fabrication methods, soldering, hand finishing/polishing, patination and gemstone setting.

Our intention is not only to make jewelry for adornment, but instead to try and step out of the box of what is expected and make designs which surprise our audience with something new or innovative and in this way invite them into the creative process.

We feel that when the architecture of a jewelry piece relates to the architecture of the human body the design becomes alive and in doing so is no longer a piece of static sculpture. The body moves- a jewelry piece which is designed to follow this natural motion disrupts the idea of what jewelry is in a traditional sense, it becomes organic.
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