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pyper hugos & jarrod eastman

Medium: Jewelry

Booth #: LS10C

From the beginning of our creative venture it was important to us to find our own voice and an innovative material in which to create jewelry. That inspiration was found in the forgotten junkyards that dot our country's landscapes and back roads. We create jewelry objects made using vintage automotive steel that we personally salvage ourselves. We intentionally leave the original car paint intact and unaltered. Our work is often simple in form with a direct intent to accentuate the beauty within the salvaged car metal. The form, texture and colors of the old automotive steel continually inspire us to find new ways in which to express its beauty. Using cold form fabrication and sheet metal production techniques our work leans towards a refined, modern design aesthetic. We aspire to continually explore the expression of the material with a connection to the past as well as the future; referencing an important cultural piece of American history and an essential environmental awareness.

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