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meghan riley

Medium: Jewelry

Booth #: GN60

Meghan Patrice Riley jewelry was founded in 2009 by designer MPR to create wearable, sculptural jewelry. With a background in math and geometry, the collections are inspired by a thoughtful balance of shape and form.

Each piece is crafted by hand in her Brooklyn studio mixing traditional metals with textile techniques. MPR experiments with classic, quotidian materials like industrial ball chain, electrical wire, safety pins to reinterpret them and combine them with fine metals and semi-precious stones to create industrial jewelry that is still retains a femininity and fineness. The resulting collections are about creating a new everyday uniform and appreciating those moments to play dress up.

These collections have received numerous attention and awards in the fashion and art worlds. MPR has held solo art gallery shows nationally as well as winning the prestigious Raphael Founder Prize for innovation in small metals. Additionally, she was featured in a NYC runway show which resulted in a semi-finalist position for the Ecco Domani Fashion Fund.

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