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emma nichols

Medium: Emerging Iowa Artists

Booth #: EIA 7

Emma Nichols was born and raised on a farm in North Central Iowa. As an artist, her work reflects the values and traditions passed on by the innumerable generations of farming ancestors. Emma was homeschooled for her primary and secondary education, and is now in the process of completing her Bachelors of Arts degree in Studio Art at Grand View University in Des Moines Iowa. She has displayed work in student art competitions and the Iowa State Fair for five years. Emma’s passion is for people, and the impact that she can have on them in personal relations, friendly encounters, and through their viewing of her artwork.he functionality and aesthetics. Matthew relocated to the Northside of Pittsburgh in 2013, after many other country-wide moves. Luckily, his wife the artist Brianna Martray came with him.

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