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r. michael wommack

Medium: Drawing

Booth #: GS4

About this series of pastel drawings, based on his dreams and memories of growing up in Levittown (one of the archetypal post war developments) one collector wrote; "His work really does capture the emotion of growing up in the suburbs, in ways that touch deeply but are hard to explain. It's a landscape and culture that is much reviled, and I have reviled it myself in my life, but nonetheless lives are lived out there, in their full scope of joy and pain and memory. We may revile our cookie cutter ticky-tacky suburbs, we may be embarrassed by them, but underneath there is love, and I think that's what his pastels tap into."One reviewer wrote "Though lacking human forms, his night drawings are warm with life. The pools seem inviting. Here and there, light from TV sets spills onto darkened front yards from ubiquitous picture windows. This mysterious yet innocent landscape dominates the new interior scenes. These work from the premise that what you mostly see from the picture window of a Levittown house is another Levittown house."

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