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thomas spake

Medium: Glass

Booth #: LN16

After 20 years of working with glass, I have learned to approach the material from the perspective of a painter and a sculptor. The fluid nature of glass lends itself to be stretched and drawn across the surface to create a kind of brush stroke, like that of a painter. The ability to grind, engrave, and etch the surface of the glass, lends the material to be sculpted, creating layers of colors, revealing unseen patterns, and creating marks that allow light to dance across the surface of the glass.

My work is a collaboration of sorts. As a curious observer, I am a witness to my surroundings, an explorer searching for new textures, patterns and forms that exist in nature. I then photograph these various places, objects, and moments and capture the essence and sensibilities from these photographs in my glasswork. Some finished works are glimpses while others are entire landscapes, while abstract or literal, I find the process of this interpretation to be a powerful force. I want to offer the viewer a moment of time, a memory for them of … crystal clear waters, Roaring Waterfalls, Spring’s arrival, Winter’s Stillness, Summer Storms, Autumn’s Glory ...
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