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jeri vitello

Medium: Fiber

Booth #: LN26

It could be said that Jeri’s weaving career began when she was ten years old and wove potholders in Brownies. But it wasn’t until she sat at a floor loom 31 years later that she fully realized the joy and wonder of weaving. Jeri’s first weaving class was in 1999 at her local museum. It was there she learned to wind a warp, beam the loom and throw the shuttle. She was enthralled with the interlacing of the yarn and the music that the loom played when lifting the shafts and banging the beater. She was consumed with all that one could do with color, pattern and design. It wasn’t but a few short months later that she bought a multi harness mechanical floor loom and began to stock her studio with more yarn than she could weave in a lifetime. Over the years Jeri continued to take classes and weave in her studio. Much of what she wove was for her personal use and Christmas gifts; essentially a hobby.

In 2011, Jeri did her first art show where she sold her first scarf. Thrilled that someone actually deemed her work worthy of owning, she began to think about her art as less of a hobby and more of a career. The actual pursuit of this idea took over 6 years to come to fruition. It was in 2017 when some life changing events occurred that the decision was made to become a full time fiber artist. Since then, her and husband travel to various parts of the United States setting up their tent and enjoying every aspect of the life of an artist. From the humble beginnings of a potholder (that Grandma proudly proclaimed to be the best gift she ever received) Jeri strives to create works of wearable art from a simple cone of yarn.

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