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michael zavison & melanie rolfes

Medium: Mixed Media

Booth #: GN45C

Melanie and Michael met at an art show in Atlanta GA. They had an immediate connection. Their art work is similar with Michael’s work being more masculine and Melanie’s being softer and more feminine. They have shared a studio for the last three years and continue to influence each others work more and more every year. They have been the recipients of many awards and honors. Michael’s surface of choice is steel and Melanie’s is canvas. Much of the work has become collaborated work and they have become a real team and support for each other, artistically, professionally and spiritually.

The collaborative works involve a complex recipe of salts, acid, pigments and other ingredients that are uncommon with tradition abstract art. The experimental creative process yield stunning results in texture and color blending. Melanie and Michael come from a background of interior design. Melanie a colorist and Michael as a wall covering manufacturer and muralist. They both are inspired by fashion design and living artists such as Richard Serra and Lawrence Carroll. Their main studio is in Atlanta at The Goat Farm Arts Center in West Midtown.

What is space in a canvas? What are the emotional qualities of color? Can pure color and form convey such things as music and spirituality? Can a poem become a painting? Can a painting become a poem?

Melanie Rolfes utilizes a variety of materials – oils, acrylics, wood, fabrics, metals. She believes abstract art conveys powerful emotions. The pieces do not depict recognizable scenes or objects, but is made up of forms and colors that exist for their own expressive sake. Her pieces are expressed solely by means of color and the way it is put down, in broad patches, separated or blended using an atmospheric prospective technique. The art should be viewed independently of subject matter. The colors suggest emotions, ideas, feelings and memories. It is up to the viewer to decide what they see and feel. The pieces will slow you down and pull you to a different place. She hopes it can be meditative, make you think and contemplate. Melanie’s art should be viewed as an entire piece, regarded and appreciated with equal importance.

Melanie has been painting professionally for over 20 years, and her custom design work is displayed from coast to coast, including Boston, NYC, Atlanta, Chicago, San Francisco and LA. She is best known for her work with color as an abstract atmospheric expressionist. Melanie is guided by her passion for discovering new places not only in traveling but also within herself. Melanie believes the many vibrant colors of the world make the best ingredients for contemporary art. Her inspiration comes from her travels and experiences living abroad and through out The States. She studied art in Europe and California and as a professional artist, continues to develop her artistic style and expressions. Her work has been seen on film and Television. Melanie currently lives in Atlanta, GA. Melanie is guided by her passion for discovering new places not only in traveling but also within herself.

“The interior space, the one that you dwell in daily, has a profound influence on your life," Melanie says. "For some odd reason I have been blessed or cursed with a hyper sensitivity to interior visual experience. As an artist it serves me well. I want my work to have the impact in order to deeply effect lives. Nothing is more satisfying to me then to bring the right visual and emotional energy to a space.”

Born in the inner city of Chicago, Michael Zavison was deeply influenced by what seemed to be an ancient industrial metropolis. In his neighborhood nothing was new. The streets, the bridges, the houses all showed considerable signs of wear and decay. It was as if the iron, wood, and concrete were all returning back to their basic form. A visual experience that is clearly reflected in his choice of textures, materials and color. Michael learned more about colorizing metals during his five years in the Marine Corps.

In 1978 Michael joined the interior design department at Marshall Field and Co. He designed and manufactured his own line of wallcovering. Today he lives and works at his studio in Atlanta, GA.
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