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wayne trinklein

Medium: Sculpture

Booth #: GN54

Wayne Trinklein is one of those blessed persons who has never had to “work“, but has passionately enjoyed long days of play, invention, and learning since he was a child. He has always been able to pursue natural interests, curiosity, and experimentation which he refers to as “having fun”. His romp through life has encompassed careers of preministerial training, Family Medicine, and for the past 3 decades a unique artistic development. All his work stems from a desire to find meaning and purpose in the beautiful people around him. He needed believable trees to tell the stories of honorable individuals just being themselves.

To make such trees realistically required a new technology, a new medium. Wayne devised a process of molding copper wire and fusing it with tin to recreate the cellulose fiber and lignin of real trees. Later he created an alloy which he applies to the trunk and heats it to its “eutectic point”, where it can be worked like clay to get the look of realistic bark. He developed patinas and heat treatments to expand his palette of colors. Recently, colored resins have been added to reflect flowering trees. The trees have come alive, and now communicate his stories even more convincingly. His trees and the personalities behind them can be found on his websites, www.waynetrinklein.com and www.grandnatural.com.
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