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allen levy

Medium: Painting

Booth #: GS26C

While growing up in Fort Wayne, Indiana, I was always aware I had some type of creative streak, but, never found a way to channel this creativity. In 2009, I made the leap from corporate job to full-time artist and have not looked back. My gallery/studio is located in Woodbridge, Virginia, near Washington DC. In 2012, I became a juried member of the acclaimed Torpedo Factory in Alexandria, Virginia.

My paintings are driven by chance through layering, mixing, and pouring, to create a composition that is truly unique. As I paint, ideas emerge providing new opportunities and directions for me to explore and expose – but, I am also aware of my original scope of work which is structured and planned. The images often resemble “dreamscapes” of the landscape – a sunset, the weather, or even a season, but, all are subject to interpretation. As with every dream, each is unique, limitless and truly one-of-a-kind.

My inspiration can come from a variety of sources including personal experiences, immediate surroundings, music, and the enjoyment of simply being creative. There are pieces that are densely and aggressively painted, and others that possess a more luminous and tranquil quality. I want my paintings to make you feel something and I use a range of mood, color and composition to get you there.

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