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randall riemer

Medium: Metalworks

Booth #: GS27C

Attracted to steel because of its strength and permanence, I have learned to transform the material into objects of beauty and longevity. The work is characterized by crisp, clean lines and precise forms. Inspiration from the great Architects who have challenged convention is evident. The focus is fresh classicism which rejects the trends and will transcend into timelessness.The surface of the finished work is distinctive and unique. Immersing the piece into a BlackIron Oxide Patina allows one to view the surface of the metal. It is not concealed under paint or powder coating.The result is a tactiles oftness not usually associated with steel. Steps in creating my work include welding, forming, cutting and grinding of hot and cold rolled steel. Sandblasting prepares the surface for the Patina bath. Neutralization of the piece, flame drying, hand buffing for luster and clear protective coating ensure heirloom status.

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