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elizabeth busey

Medium: Printmaking

Booth #: LN2

I'm fascinated by patterns. In my current work, I am exploring interpretations of patterns from unexpected perspectives. I look for images from far-away satellite photos to up-close microscopic views. I want to explore the ways that we respond to the familiarity and beauty of these patterns with feelings of energy and wonder, and often incorporate these patterns into the human-created world.

My works on paper are linoleum relief prints. I use the reduction method of relief printmaking, meaning I carve only one block, removing sections for each new color. I print with oil-based lithography inks in a style similar to watercolor, where a succession of subtle transparent layers yields unusual colors and textures. Thick western-style cotton paper is used to support these many layers, and I produce my images using an etching press my husband built out of recycled steel.

For me, printmaking is a combination of technique and serendipity. I prefer to start with only a basic framework or idea sketch, and make decisions all the way through the printing process. The reduction technique allows me to make each day in my studio one more of creation and less of production, where each new color layer is an adventure.
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