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cord mcmahon

Medium: Emerging Iowa Artists

Booth #: EIA

Raised in Fort Dodge, Iowa my entire life, focused on one thing, which is work. Putting forth effort in anything creates a better result no matter what. That’s what I did in school, went to Fort Dodge Senior High and graduated in 2012. After that I somewhat knew what I was doing with my life, but took the safe way and went to Iowa Central Community College in Fort Dodge and graduated in 2014 with my Associates Degree in Liberal Arts. Then I transferred to Grand View University in Des Moines, Iowa where I graduated in 2016 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Studio Arts.

While in my final year of college I was not for sure what to create a body of work around. Experimenting during the first semester with different painting and drawing ideas, but nothing was standing out. At the same time of finishing school, I have been working at a large veterinary complex where I was taking care of dogs and cat. After working there for so long, I finally figured out what to create a body of work about. Then the pieces were falling together, because after figuring the content, I found collage was the medium for me. Ever since I been creating my mixed media collages, I haven’t looked back.

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