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wade judge

Medium: Emerging Iowa Artists

Booth #: EIA

I am born and raised in central Iowa, hailing originally from LeGrand. After graduating high school, I then proceeded to complete my AA degree at MCC and then earning my BA in art education from the University of Northern Iowa. Once I graduated, I spent the next 7 years teaching in the desert Southwest in Yuma, Arizona. I returned to Marshalltown and began teaching at Marshalltown High School in 2012, where I teach photography, painting, drawing, pottery, and sculpture.
At home, my wife Beth and I have 4 great kids: Aidan, Finley, Declan,
and Isla.

As far as my artwork goes, I really have enjoyed getting back into doing work for myself for a change, as this allows me a ton of freedom to work with color and shape, as well as allowing gravity to play a major part of the end result. They are created by layering different colors of paint and then moving the painting around to let the colors flow off of the canvas.

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