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michele ledoux

Medium: Mixed Media

Booth #: LS42C

As a self-taught artist, I create work that is concept-driven and stems from a formal education in Philosophy and Eastern Religious Studies as well as extensive world travel. My ever-evolving technique and aesthetic is evidence of my passion for life-long learning and spiritual growth.

Using meditative brushstrokes, I apply layer upon layer of encaustic (beeswax + damar resin + pigment) followed by a unique process and thoughtful combination of heating, fusing, scraping +/- the incorporation of oil, recycled materials and found object framework. It is by using these methods and materials that I create the richness, depth and texture that is so characteristic of my work.

To maintain the highest standards, I personally execute all the creative aspects involved in my artwork without the use of apprentices or assistants, in my studio, surrounded by nature in the beautiful Rocky Mountains of Evergreen, Colorado.

As an artist, I am committed to:

― Choosing to experience each moment with passion, authenticity and presence

― Allowing my work to go where inspiration leads me, reflecting an ever-evolving organic synthesis of techniques

― Creating a peace-filled and intimate studio space and establishing flow thru meditation

― Layering unique elements of the human experience, as primal archetypes, into each piece of work, thereby creating a threaded symbology that reveals the depth of my own transparency

― Sharing my love of poetry, philosophy and connection to Zen Buddhism through the creation of unique and spiritually inspired work

― Living life and creating work with constant mindfulness — reflecting my passion for and steadfast commitment to the planet while actively promoting environmental awareness and “green living”

― Giving back to and participating in projects that speak to causes about which I am most passionate

― Giving thanks, every day, for this wonderful and inspiriting gift.
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