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ella richards

Medium: Mixed Media

Booth #: GS10C

Arts Festival Awards
Best of Show 2016

I call my art scissors drawings because there are two equally important, but completely unrelated skills that go into my art, drawing and cutting. My process of creating a Scissors Drawing is minimalistic and requires few tools and materials.

The first step is the drawing, this drawing is then cut out of a single sheet of black paper with a micro-scissors. I try to cut the image in one continuous unbroken cut when possible. Cutting can take several weeks. If you hold up the completed cutting it and might resemble a spider web. Then comes gluing. I use a slow drying glue, but it must still be completed in one sitting lasting up to 6 hours.

I thought this unique art should have its own artistic identity, so I call it scissors drawings. People look at my art and think it is a pen and ink or block print, but it is my original drawing cut out of black paper with a micro-scissors. I take an old traditional art form and use it in new contemporary ways. I find my muses in my childhood in the USSR and my family, friends and the humanity on display in Greenwich Village.

In these turbulent times, I also like to use my art when something touches me in current events. I feel that art should have something to say and not be merely aesthetic. It needn’t be deep, perhaps a simple reminder of a forgotten memory. A simple image can be successful if it makes people ask questions and think. I like my art to tell a familiar human story, a story that can be understood instantly and immediately. The key for me is the personality of my subject which is best presented in a simple direct way. I am more interested in human nature rather than on outward appearances.
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