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hayley nolte & scot ray

Medium: Metalworks

Booth #: GN60C

Hayley Nolte and Scot Ray, both Calarts alumni, are guided by the alchemical aesthetics of transformation. An infinite variety of obsolete lithographed tins form our palette, scoured from hiking the hillsides of Montana where we ‘homestead’ and collected en route via our cross country art show travels. As we deconstruct and flatten these vintage containers, colors, textures, and other design elements are isolated by meticulous hand-cutting. The work that emerges finds its expression in the recycled shards that we have liberated. This dissected consumer packaging is layered with recycled roofing metals and distressed copper and then hammered with tiny nails to a wooden base to create highly tactile, color dense, 2D relief surfaces. The work produced is predominantly functional – art mirrors and wall racks – yet it invites closer inspection. It courts surprise and flirts with a displaced familiarity while provoking contemplation of our disposable culture.

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