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amy lansburg

Medium: Mixed Media

Booth #: LN44

Artist bio: Mixed Media works based upon Lake Superior driftwood and repurposed items that wash up on the beaches I’ve walked since childhood. Often figurative pieces the inspiration of my work stems from quietly observed interactions.Born in a very small Northern town, I moved to the Deep South inthe late 1990',s. Much of my work addresses the undercurrents of southern culture from a foreign perspective. I became saddened and interested in the underlying currents I noticed. And found that I identified morewith the African American southern culture than their counterparts.I've spent many of the past years researching and observing the struggles and triumphs both past and present. The stories and history of Southern African Americans is sad and horrific but alsobeautiful, courageous and admirable. My perspective is unique as I am neither Southern nor African American.My artistic journey began as. A self taught furniture maker and the mixed media pieces are often assembled using hand carved furniture joinery.

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