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Ashley Craddock

Medium: Emerging Iowa Artist

Booth #: EIA4

Artist bio: Ashley was born and raised in Slidell, Louisiana for about 25 years of her life. She loves her southern culture can not take the south out her and has a gift to see dead people. She is a working artist exploring various of mediums. She graduated from Delgado Community college with AA degree in fine arts. Year after she graduated she moved to Ankeny, Iowa were she graduated from Grand View University with BA degree in Arts. Ashley’s work gives off the light and dark feel into life and death in such nature elements with deep expressions and symbolism. Heavenly in body and soul spiritually connections to the world beyond the living.

Artist Statement: My work explores a new medium of wood-burning where I make burn marks patterns into the wood. The reason why I choose to work on wood to wood burn is that it gives off a natural element of nature and when it is burned it gives off the texture feel of the wood grains.
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