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Barry Bernstein

Medium: Ceramics

Booth #: GS21

Artist bio: Other influences include 7th to 17th century Asian ceramics and Native American pottery. Another is an artist/instructor named Richard Devore who fired his pieces numerous times. Devore fired his pieces in an electric kiln and I thought I would try the technique with Raku. To my delight, I obtained hues and textures not usually found in Raku. This has led to other experimentation including glaze firing the pieces twice in an electric kiln before I Raku fire. Each piece gets 2-4 Raku firings. Sometimes I over fire the pieces and then under fire them. Each subtle change in the Raku process creates different results. I’m still experimenting.

Artist Statement: I've been firing in the Raku process for over35 years. My work is wheel thrown, cut, and altered. Each piece gets two layers of glaze each fired separately in the electric kiln. Then they get 2-4 Raku firings. This creates colors and textures not usually found in Raku.
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