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beth bojarski

Medium: Painting

Booth: LN14

Beth works with oil paints applied to wood surfaces. She has used barn doors, cabinets, and slices of tree stumps as her canvas. She has used old boxes, antique brass sprinklers, and rusty metal as her frames. Her process involves moving paint around on a gessoed board. Typically, she doesn’t plan anything out in advance or do sketches before she begins a piece. In the blotches of color applied, she may see an eye or a mouth’s shape that she will work to pull out of the abstract and begin defining. “I allow the painting to become what it wants and I create the characters as well as the story as I go along. I use a meat thermometer to tell when the painting is finished.” Beth’s paintings are a form of story telling. As she’s working, she is asking herself “who is this person in front of me? Why are they interesting? What do they have to say?” She works to create a piece that has multi layers. “I want it to be a strong visual image initially then after you have been pulled in you begin to peel away at a story that is ever changing.”

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