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Bill Lepak

Medium: Wood

Booth #: GS46

Artist bio: I have been drawn to woodworking my whole life. I remember watching The New Yankee Workshop when in the early 90's thinking I want to do that. A few years ago before Covid I rediscovered the Lathe, more specific, turning green on the lathe. I take green wood and turn it to final size and shape then put it aside to dry. While it dries it moves and distorts so that no 2 bowls are the same. I enjoy the surprise when I uncover recently turned bowls, sometimes a lot of movement, sometimes cracks, sometimes just a simple beautiful bowl.

Artist Statement: I Create turned bowls using the once turned method of woodturning. The wood is turned while green to its final size and shape then put aside to dry. While drying it moves and distorts due to internal tension of the wood. Once the bowl is dry it is embellished using various finishes and techniques.
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