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bob mcnally

Medium: Wood

Booth #: Coming Soon

These are unique, wooden handmade instruments of my own invention. They are not traditional designs - they are designed to provide new musical functions and new sounds that are not available with other instruments.

One of my aims is making it easier for people to start playing music. Instruments for beginners have to be easy to learn and should also look good and sound good. The design challenge is to optimize all of those requirements and still be affordable. That is the design perspective that has guided what I create.

I create shapes that are aesthetically pleasing and bring a musician’s ear to creating an instrument’s tone and quality of sound. Whether for a beginner or a virtuoso, a well-designed and well-made instrument is a source of inspiration and motivation; it is art that inspires art.

My intention is to appeal to the eye as well as the ear, to design instruments for both players and non-players, and to bring more people into making their own art through playing music.
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