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Brianna Martray

Medium: Drawing

Booth #: LN26C

Artist bio: Brianna Martray’s work is driven by world-building. She’s interested in exploring possible and impossible landscapes that may or may not exist on this planet, in this dimension, in a memory, a dream, or a vision…they may never have existed anywhere — until now.

The arc of Brianna’s career as a full-time artist began in 2006 with a focus on painting. She moved on to sculptural work in 2009, and then transitioned into her current work with graphite and charcoal drawings in 2018. She has consistently maintained clarity of creative voice as her visual expressions have evolved through multiple mediums.

Brianna’s creations convey an architectural/organic world which thrives in paradox and ambiguity; it’s a place that gives voice to so much more than can be articulated with sound or words. Each piece she creates is an earnest translation of the feelings, ideas, images, landscapes, and visions of her inner world — for Brianna, the ultimate goal of her creative life is to ardently impart to your inner world what she can from her own.

She currently lives in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Artist Statement: Drawings created with graphite, charcoal, ink, and pigment. These are deep-diving explorations into possible and impossible landscapes; they are layered, detailed, complex, and cosmic creations I have coaxed into existence from an ineffable place.
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