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Brice McCasland

Medium: Mixed Media

Booth #: LN13C

Artist bio: My work is rooted in the idea that story and process are one and the same. The concept of ownership and even selfishness in that process and narrative is something I am continuously drawn to. The collage that serves as the underpainting and narrative voice in my work is an extension of my interest in the complexity and nuance of familial legacy and the tales that grow into truths through the hands and mouths of generations. The concept of memory as truth and narrative folklore around family histories and mythology is at the core of my work.

Artist Statement: Heavy layers of oil paint laid on a collage ground of found paper, quilting scraps, and photos that embellish family mythologies in reflection of my father's ongoing battle with cancer and my role as both father and son. Hand-stretched canvas, framed in reclaimed wood, and varnished with wax.
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