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brice mccasland

Medium: Mixed Media

Booth #: LN10C

At the core of my work is a story much greater than myself. There is a quality to the retelling of a memory that is at once exaggerated and yet simplified; the parts that are clear becoming something more to make up for what was forgotten. My work and its process speak of the mythologies that become our family histories. In the handing down of sacred family truths they become fables and tall tales of what once was. I continue to be pulled by these legacies that are a foundation of family and folklore from my own youth as they guide my role from son to father. Using the language of cut paper, fabric, and found ephemera I call on the mundane to build an underpainting of both time, text, color, image, and pattern to become both palette, character, and subject in my narratives. The objects and materials in my collage speak of histories that came before me and the futures that lie ahead.

My body of work navigates the tales and memories of a middle-aged son confronted by the mortality of his own father battling cancer. The mystery and duality of being a parent and a child bringing an urgency of both the joy and subtle sorrows that accompany all of us on this journey. The relationship between the collage on my canvases and the paint that masks what is seen and what is quietly hidden under its surface acts as time on memory; clarifying and softening. All that we have lived through and been handed down, a foundation for what we build and pass on.

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