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cara van leuven

Medium: Painting

Booth #: GN42

Cara Van Leuven’s oil paintings reflect her first passion — horses. Not only an artist, but also an avid equestrian, the long legs depicted in her horses reflect fragility. The paintings initially seem simple in nature, but upon closer inspection one finds they are heavily layered and comprised of countless colors.

Like so many, Cara lost her corporate job and house during the recession. She moved into an unrehabbed loft full of artists in downtown St. Louis. It was there she first began to paint and also when she found work as a carriage driver, reuniting her with horses.

Inspiration is now found on a small farm in Southern Illinois with her fiance, two horses, two border collies, cats, ducks and geese. When not at art shows, Cara balances her time between painting, driving around and dreaming with her fiance, competitively eventing her red mare, training her young mare and taking her dogs to agility trials.

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