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carla fox

Medium: Jewelry

Booth #: GS25

Artist bio: I was my father’s favorite son and the rambunctious child my mother tried to refine.I helped in my dad’s workshop and still use the small ballpeen hammer he gave me to bang on nails. He taught me the love of tools and how they can work for you.My patient mother taught her always-impatient daughter how to sew. It was Mom who gave me the gift of meticulous craftsmanship.My parents knew how to make wonderful 3-dimensional things from flat materials.They were perfectionists in their craft. In my work I see my parents’ lessons in craftsmanship, the wonder of the 3-dimensional, and their innovation in solving problems. My home in Central Oregon’s High Desert continues my education. Its’ sparse aesthetics and singular approach to beauty is echoed in my jewelry. The High Desert does not offer glorious fields of flowers but rather one lovely bloom in the middle of sand, that stops you in your tracks as you admire its’ loveliness and fortitude. The textures, the subtleties are there to be discovered by the discerning viewer.And finally my husband and kids gave me my most lasting treasure: A daily opportunity to laugh hard and not take things too seriously.

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