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Chris Dahlquist

Medium: Photography

Booth #: LS26C

Artist bio: Since 1998, Kansas City based visual artist Chris Dahlquist has exhibited extensively throughout the United States. Committed to the accessibility of art, Dahlquist exhibits in a variety of traditional and non-traditional settings and creates large-scale public installations allowing audiences to encounter and interact with her photographic objects in unexpected ways.

Dahlquist also lends her passionate pragmatism to a community practice, helping artists develop sustainable careers. Bringing personal experience, stories from hundreds of artists she has worked with, and a guiding principle that the artist must be at the center of a strong arts ecosystem, Dahlquist works with municipalities, organizations, and businesses to develop strategies, programs, and policy to support individual artists.

Artist Statement: Photos printed on a layer of gold paint on powder coated steel, the transparent quality of the image allows the texture & luminosity of the paint to shine through. Editions of 1

1 of 1

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