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Chris Seeman

Medium: Metalworks

Booth #: GN10C

Artist bio: Chris Seeman’s metal sculptures are a direct reflection of who he really is. The whimsical characters and extravagant shapes are drawn by hand onto the steel and yet truly come from his heart. He is quirky, fun-filled and very energetic, just like his pieces.

Chris maintains the high level of quality and individuality that goes into every piece by doing all of the work himself. He has no assistants and absolutely never uses any type of mass production.
Chris designs, then draws each piece out on a sheet of stainless steel, then cuts every element of negative space out with a hand held electric torch, thus leaving the viewer with the musicality of shapes dancing on a plane of two-dimensional steel. The process is taken even further with the addition of welding on ball bearings, and masonry nails and metal rod. Gold, and or copper leaf and enamel paint is applied to certain areas which makes the previously flat sheet of stainless steel a
glowing jewel for any wall.

Artist Statement: Hand cut steel and brass.
Enhanced with bronze,copper,enamels,patinas14K leaf and ball bearings.
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