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karin coron

Medium: Drawing

Booth #: GN16

I am a native of Michigan and consider myself a Great Lakes Region artist. I earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Eastern Michigan University in drawing and painting, which launched my 35 year experience as an artist, and arts business owner. I am currently a member of the WSG Gallery , and owner operator of Format Framing and Gallery in Ann Arbor, Mi.

I paint and draw the American Landscape, with occasional excursions. My work is a combination of oil, oil pastel, graphite and mediums on paper and canvas. I use photography as a basis for my compositions, to capture a particular time of day , interesting light, or composition. I perceive and interpret nature, while constantly finding a new palette or color scheme to match mood and feeling.

As a child growing up in rural southeast Michigan I often played outside, ran in the woods and fields, and developed a deep connection to the land. My work reflects that relationship, and invites the viewer to share my experiences.
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