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clifton henri

Medium: Photography

Booth #: GS22C

Essentially, I am a storyteller … and the job of any great storyteller is to communicate in a way that both entices the audience and ignites their imagination. My photography, which I affectionately describe as Film Stills of an American Story, are themed in the spirit of nostalgia where stories of personal experience, social concerns, and life struggles can be told. These images are meant to empower and inspire all those that engage with them, which also happens to be the creative pulse behind my body of work. I am deeply influenced by imagery from the Civil Rights Movement and the Harlem Renaissance, and the works of great visual storytellers, such as Gordon Parks and Norman Rockwell, have truly helped me discover and define my style. Their ability to capture emotion, intrigue the mind, and tell a story inspires me and fuels my commitment to produce work that does the same.

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