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brianna martray

Medium: Sculpture

Booth #: LN37

Brianna Martray is a working artist living in Pittsburgh, PA. A self-taught, full time artist since 2006, she began as a painter before evolving into sculptural work in 2010. Also in 2010 she did a large scale installation piece that was shown at Denver International Airport for a year. Her current work uses a wide range of materials, from cast bronze, cast resins, resin clay, to thread, paper and cheese cloth.

Brianna's work is driven by world-building. One of the greatest moments of freedom she found in her work was when she stopped painting and started sculpting-- for the first time she felt she wasn't creating an illusion of her vision, she was creating a tangible object that cast a shadow, bringing her imagined world to life in this one.

A question that's been rattling around in my head in the studio a lot lately: "What do all those layers mean to you?" And what do they?

Everyday the answer might be different, but today it goes like this: They are these rivers of time -- minute upon minute, hour after hour, days over days, experience on top of experience until an identity is formed -- a gesture of energy expended. It seems to me, we build ourselves in the same way. Out of the choices we make around every turn in time, and then the choices we make in dealing with the consequences of our previous choices-- layer upon layer, experience after experience.

We are little time tornadoes constantly creating our own weather. But the answers always lead to more questions ... what weather am I creating?
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