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richard elkin

Medium: Jewelry

Booth #: GN22

My journey in the visual arts began in 1975 as an apprentice-potter in New Hampshire. Formally educated with a BA in Art History and Studio Art from Elmira College, I have pursued my passion for the handmade exclusively as a professional exhibiting artist since 1980.

Regarding my current body of work:
The technical challenge of utilizing seemingly disparate and juxtaposed textures and colors to create tension, contrast and a visual focal point is one aspect that inspires the direction of a my jewelry making.

My current body of work is drawn from impressions of exquisite ornament from the archaeological record. Items unearthed; a sparkling gem from a long forgotten hand forged setting.

I am influenced by the philosophical underpinnings of Wabi-Sabi that embody the dualistic and rustic nature of accidental beauty. I seek to work in tandem with my materials evoking forms that are at once surprising yet familiar; rustic yet refined; yet functionally appropriate for wearable jewelry offering the wearer a memento of perhaps an ancient thread but also exist as objects of fascination and desire on their own.

Each piece is one-of-a-kind, hand fabricated from all recycled metals. No new silver or gold mining. Gemstones and diamonds are from conflict free sources and Kimberly Process certified.
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