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darya geary

Medium: Emerging Iowa Artist

Booth #: Coming soon.

Bio: I was born in New Orleans, Louisiana but spent most of my formative years in Evanston, Illinois. By age 9, I had lived in 3 different states with my family, including Texas and had attended 5 different schools until finally settling down in Evanston after Hurricane Katrina changed our lives. In moving around so much from school to school, each taught me new lessons and brought into my life so many new people from different cultures and backgrounds. Somewhere along the way, I discovered a love of creating things with those ideas and my very own hands. Looking back now at all my art and everything that I have created, I can see the layers in them; just like everything in life, there are layers to every person you meet and everything you do. When you meet someone for the first time, you just see what is on the outside, or what they want to show you, but you don’t see everything underneath. Sometimes there are even layers so far below that you will never see, like thoughts in someone’s mind. Even in your own mind, our thoughts are moving through our heads so fast that our thoughts are even layered with other thoughts. In my paintings and textile pieces, I layer on top of layers, putting my layered personality, and thoughts out for people to see and understand, and connect with. Whether it is a scenic photo, landscape, portrait, or abstract patterns, there are layers behind the final piece that you don’t see. Each place I’ve lived, visited, people I’ve met, seen, or gotten close to and everything that I have done are the layers that appear in my pieces.

Iowa State University
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