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erh ping tsai

Medium: Jewelry

Booth #: GS52

Artist bio: In 1984, Erh Ping Tsai began creating jewelry, which evolved from making small toys for the children in the family. Today, his jewelry retains a whimsical and colorful style, because, as they say, "We believe fun is irresistible." Tsai is inspired by the vibrant color and elaborate designs of Asian ceramics as well as Egyptian dynastic jewelry and beads, and consider these to be major influences in his work. These artistic styles have been adapted to create a contemporary fun approach, but retain complex detail as a design priority.Fun renditions of animals, fish and insects are made into porcelain jewelry pins. They are decorated with patterns made from colored clay inlays. Created with skill and care, these intricate inlays form perfect, tiny checkerboard patterns. Colorful lines, dots and daubs produce an endless array of patterns, and gold lines are used to accent and outline areas of color. Wire, metal, beads and jewelry findings are used in a clever way to help construct the bodies of the little creatures and bring them to life.

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