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Esther Sullivan

Medium: Jewelry

Booth #: GS28

Artist bio: Esther grew up in rural Vermont, and moved to Bozeman Montana for college where she graduated with a Bachelor in Fine Art specializing in Metalsmithing. Over the next decade she worked under several jewelers who taught her the more refined skills of being a bench jeweler, and also took various intensive workshops to hone those techniques. In starting her own jewelry business she brought these skills and her background in small sculpture together to create her own unique aesthetic in her work. Currently, Sullivan attends prestigious art fairs throughout the country and also has her work carried in numerous galleries across the US.

Artist Statement: I use advanced metalsmithing techniques such as reticulation, depletion gilding and forging methods to create form, texture and other design elements in my organic yet modern pieces. Old tools used with reclaimed fine metals with their own history create new jewelry filled with heart and soul.

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