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Glenn Woods & Keith Herbrand

Medium: Ceramics

Booth #: LS6C

Artist bio: Best on a clean white stoneware or porcelain clay body. Crystalline glazes produce highly reflective crystals which grow in the glaze layer during a very controlled cooling cycle, which is part of the glaze firing process. While most of the crystalline glazes I use are glossy with large, colorful crystals, I have been experimenting with matte crystalline glazes. These matte crystalline glazes have a silky smooth surface, are visually pleasing and more appropriate for the pieces I create with carving, beading, altering, and piercing.

Artist Statement: The focus of our work is inspired by objects found in nature. Each piece is created from fine porcelains, carved, beaded, pierced, and finally glazed with a matte or glossy crystalline glaze.
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