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gregg graff & jacqueline pouyat graff

Medium: Mixed Media

Booth #: LS6

Artist bio:Growing up in an unconventional household in the 60’s in the San Francisco Bay Area I knew early on my life would be that of a maker. I have had the good fortune to pursue my creative interests unrestrained for close to 50 years now. In college I studied most every artistic medium out there settling on a profession as a commercial artist/art director until my move to the Seattle area in 1990. Always with a strong affinity for the natural world I experimented with interior sculpture using nature until 2005. At which time I discovered the irresistible qualities of beeswax. A few years later becoming a beekeeper as a way to explore the primary medium. I am totally enthralled with everything about this process of working with wax and it’s limitless possibilities. Influenced by a true passion for well designed things and the exquisite beauty of nature, the work will hopefully speak for itself. I am driven to find that unique form of expression that “doesn’t follow traditional rules” and execute it with precision.

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