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James Whitbeck & Gale Whitbeck

Medium: Painting
Booth #: LS24

Simply put, I fell in love with the art of 17th century Holland. From the genre paintings of Vermeer and Pieter de Hooch to the landscapes of Jacob van Ruisdael and the still lives of Pieter Claesz, the creativeness and innovative drive coming out of that small republic, from the very beginning, has caught and held my attention, and continues to be a strong driving force behind what and how I choose to paint.
Born in the wrong century, I find myself shutting out the idea of painting modern subject matter, or using old master techniques in the 21st century to create old-time looking contemporary still life. It just does not interest me, and it does not creatively move me. So, over the years I have found myself painting more and more what looks like old Dutch pieces, using antiques and reproductions of period glassware, pottery, silver and so on, creating paintings with an old world feel. This is what interests me, and so this is what I paint. This is me.

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