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Jason Sharp

Medium: Wood

Booth #: GS44

Artist bio: My work as a woodworker is deeply seated in my love for the natural world. From the curves of a coastal white pine to the swirling eddies of flowing rivers, my work strives to mimic the lines of nature. I start by allowing the individuality of the wood to speak to me, and from that place each piece is born. As a one man shop, I create functional art to last for generations. I hand select all wood for each project allowing the organic character of the wood to speak to design. The wood used for my pieces is sustainably harvested, utilizing local woods and sawyers as often as possible. My technique is a combination of hand tool and machine work encompassing traditional joinery. All projects are finished with natural and non-toxic finishes.

Artist Statement: I utilize an amalgam of hand tooled and machine work on hand selected woods to create heirloom piece
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