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jenny henley

Medium: Photography

Booth #: GN1C

Artist bio: Jenny Henley is an Atlanta based fine artist working with a methodology that embraces sculptural practices in a two-dimensional mixed-media framework. Typically, Henley uses socially recognizable imagery, appropriate for an audience familiar with contemporary notions of art; yet fused to a slightly nostalgic sensibility. This series, Communication highlights the myriad ways that we attempt to bridge the vast chasms between one another. By using imagery of antiquated technology, Henley signals to the viewer that though the tools have changed, the quest remains the same. Simultaneously Henley works in a manner that allows her to avail herself of the most surprising and stable printing materials, while remaining deeply invested in the artisanal aspect of production.Henley's original photographs are printed in archival pigments onto hand-built poplar substrates, then carefully enhanced with paint making each piece a one-of-a-kind original. It’s a process that allows her the immediacy and implied narrative inherent to photography, wed to the gestural connotations of paint. That she works on panel allows her to create a stable object that is inert and will retain its depth and nuance for years to come.

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