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Jill Schienle

Medium: Jewelry

Booth #: LN29

Artist bio: As a youngster, Jill and her family volunteered every year at the Madison, WI Art Fair on the Square where she learned about booth set up and artist camaraderie and walked among the artists dreaming of one day participating in their romantic hippie lifestyle. As a 12 year old, she participated in her first art fair where she learned the valuable lesson that selling art is about more than living your dream. It is mostly about sourcing raw materials, inventory, display, cost accounting, manufacturing techniques and scheduling.
In college Jill studied paper and printmaking, drawing and metalwork. After a brief stint in the oil and gas industry, the next 25 years her days were spent in the printing industry in sales, working with advertising agencies and graphic designers.
In 2004, Jill started Wakenspun Metalwerks, and combined her art fair experiences with her art education and sales and design skills. Today she travels to art shows throughout the country. Her jewelry uses the concepts of lines and large spaces she learned about in drawing combined with designs that show asymmetry and impermanence through kinetics. Emphasizing natural simplicity, with an insistence on flawed beauty, her work is continually unfolding with her life experiences. The ever-changing dream of the romantic hippie lifestyle continues to influence her artistic expression.

Artist Statement: Ever-changing assemblages with a kinetic conflux of texture, pattern, lines & large spaces, capturing abstract Mondrian cubism merged with traditional Japanese aesthetic of Wabi-sabi, simultaneously showing asymmetry & impermanence, designed for natural simplicity with an insistence on flawed beauty
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