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kellie north & natalie north

Medium: Mixed Media

Booth #: GS16C

When setting out to create this new body of work, we were driven by one word: process. We wanted to develop a process that would allow an organic element to play a vital role. By incorporating materials such as roots, minerals, and fire, we were able to use these as a third collaborator, making each piece an adventure to create. We also focused on a colorful underpainting to reappear in unexpected ways through a distressing and editing process using palette work, sanding, and etching in the paint. We are influenced by the abstract expressionism movement out of New York in the 1940's to the minimalistic feel of the 1960's.

However, most of our inspiration comes from our interactions with nature; whether it be the expansive line of the horizon or the temporal greens and blues that pop after the rain, we try to capture that feeling of ease and openness on the canvas. Primitive art and dystopian landscapes have become central themes as well. Studio Salt is a collaboration project by partners Natalie and Kellie North. Their combined passion for art, history, and nature are what push both to try to create fresh, honest, modern work.

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